"TrackingShops PLUS" Tool


"TrackingShops PLUS" Tool can help you track daily and weekly sales of your competitors easily. Find the key to your own success by analysing the most popular shops with the highest number of sales.

How to use

‣ Find the "TrackingShops PLUS" Tool in the left menu bar.

‣ Enter up to 5 shop names into the search box and press the "Track" button.

‣ You will see "0" sales for all previous days but do not worry!

‣ From that moment you just started to track sales.

‣ Check results in a while to see how mush sales made your competitors from the moment you started to track them.

‣ You do not need to enter shops again. They will appear automatically in your personal account.

‣ Every day you will get new results for the previous date and for today.

‣ When one week passed you can estimate weekly sales of your competitors.

‣ Check "TrackingShops PLUS" Tool every day to track competitors' sales.

The table will contain info and statistics for each shop: Logo, Shop Name, The Age of the Shop, Number of Listings, Number of sales, Week Total Sales, and Total Sales of the shop. Those will help you a lot in Shop Analysis.

The best selling items on Etsy

SEO Tips:

‣ 1. Using "TrackingShops PLUS" Tool you can see which shops have more sales, and which ones have less sales. If a shop has a lot of sales it means it appears higher and more often in Etsy searh results. Also if the shop has Instagram, Facebook or YouTube profiles, they can bring additional traffic.

‣ 2. Successful Etsy Shops also have brilliant listing designs. Make sure you also have great pictures for your listing. Examine which listing designs generate the high number of Views using "Design Ideas plus" Tool.

‣ 3. "TrackingShops PLUS" Tool gives you the opportunity to find shops with the high number of sales and try to analyse factors of their success. You can use "Shopanalysis plus" Tool or "Shopanalysis" Tool to analyse a particular shop. With these tools you can explore Tags and Titles they use for their listings to rank higher.

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