"MagicTag PLUS" Tool


"MagicTag PLUS" Tool can help you to find all 13 tags for your listing in 1 click. You will also discover what tags your competitors use for similar items.

How to use

‣ Find the "MagicTag PLUS" Tool in the left menu bar.

‣ Enter any keyword related to your product into the search box and hit the "Generate Tags!" button.

‣ It's better to enter long tail keywords that better describe your product.

‣ You will get a premade set of 13 keywords that you can consider to use as your tags.

‣ Use only keywords that are related to your product to get targeted traffic.

‣ You can repeat previous steps several times with different keyword to find variations that fit your item better.

‣ You will also get several listing examples to see what tags your competitors use for their products.

KeyCompare PLUS Tool

SEO Tips:

‣ 1. Write all 13 Tags. Choosing Keywords for your Tags describe clearly what you are selling.

‣ 2. Use “long tail” keywords in your Tags. It is difficult to compete only for popular general searches due to the high competition.

‣ 3. Don’t repeat Tags and create all of them to be as unique as possible. Diversify your tags to expand a search coverage.

‣ 4. You can also use the free "Keywords" tool to find more good Keywords for your Titles and Tags.

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