"Listing Analysis PLUS" Tool


The "Listing Analysis PLUS" Tool was designed to help each Etsy seller to find mistakes or weak SEO & Influence areas for each Listing that may slow down Etsy sales. This way you will be able to fix your SEO by finding performing keywords that can increase your organic traffic to bring your Etsy Shop closer to success.

How to use

‣ Find the "Listing Analysis PLUS" Tool in the left menu bar and click on it.

‣ Open any Listing from your Etsy Shop on, copy its Url from the Browser address bar, or copy it's ID (ID is a numeric code from your Listing's Url).

‣ Then paste your Listing ID or Url into the Search Box of the "Listing Analysis plus" tool and hit the "Analyze" button. Just wait for several seconds until all data are loaded.

‣ First of all, you will get the next Listing info and statistics: Title, Category, Digital or Not, Price, Total likes, Total Views, Listing Age, Av. Likes per day, Av. Views per day, Tags.

Listing Analysis Plus

‣ You will have Grades below: SEO Grade, Performance Grade, Competition Grade.

‣ Below you will get the statistics on each of your Tags used in the analyzed listing. Below you will see the Color Guide to interpret data.

Shop Analysis Plus

Shop Analysis Plus

SEO Tips:

‣ 1. Pay attention to the Av. Views per day. This indicator represents the estimated daily traffic for your listing.

‣ 2. The lower the competition rate per a specific keyword, and the higher the view rate per this keyword at the same time, the better. Apply this tip to interpret your tags data to find out which keywords are pretty good for your listing and which ones can work worse. This will help you to find brand new good keywords in the nex steps to cure your listing's SEO or improve it.

‣ 3. Pay attention to the Performing Keywords and Long Tail Keywords. They are so important for your organic Traffic. Read the complete Tutorial to learn more tips.

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