"Keywords" (Etsy Keyword Tool)


Etsy Keyword Tool named "Keywords" will help you find relevant keywords for your listing to rank higher. As a result you will have more views that can lead to more sales.

How to use

‣ Find the "Keywords" Tool in the left menu bar.

‣ Enter any keyword into the search box and hit the "Search" button.

‣ The results will appear one by one is the table below.

‣ You can flip through the pages (located under the table) to see more results.

The table will contain the next information:

The best selling items on Etsy

Related Keywords:

They are related keywords to those you entered. The keyword you entered goes the first. Then other similar keywords used by other Etsy sellers go.

Number of listings:

The number of listings found on Etsy containing a particular keyword.

Competition rate:

Visual representation of competition by a particular keyword. Here you can find the green person sign that means the low competition rate, yellow one (medium competition) and red sign (that is high competition rate). The Color Guide located below the table explains the numbers.

Average Views per day:

These mean the Average Views per day among recent 50 listings. The higher the number is, the better. The more views the listing has, the higher the chance for it to be purchased.

View Rate:

Visual representation of Average Views per day. Grean eye sign means low View Rate, yellow ones mean medium View Rate and the red ones mean high View Rate. The higher View Rate is, the better.

SEO Tips:

‣ 1. Include the most descriptive keywords with Low Competition Rate and High or Medium View Rate into your Listing Title.

‣ 2. In order your listing get more views and have a chance to be purchased, try to find keywords with Low Competition Rate and High or Medium View Rate to include them into your listing tags.

‣ 3. Use for your listing tags different keywords related to your niche with low, medium and high Competition Rate. Write all 13 Tags.

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