"Compare Shops" Tool


The "Compare Shops" Tool was created to help Etsy shop owners compare several competitive shops. It can give you the ability to analyse factors of success and find the key to your own success.

How to use

‣ Find the "Compare Shops" Tool in the left menu bar and click on it.

‣ Enter up to 5 shop names into the search boxes and hit "Compare!" button.

‣ You will get the information about shops' Age, Number of listings, Number of Sales, Sales per Day, Feedback Score.

The best selling items on Etsy

SEO Tips:

‣ 1. In most cases successful shops have a lot of listings. But this is not the rule. More listings can give you a higher chance to appear more often in the Etsy search results and therefore get more sales. To track sales of competitive shops you can use "TrackingShops PLUS" Tool

‣ 2. Pay attention to the shop's age. Many shops started their businesses several years ago and consistently improved their shops. Also if shops have social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube pages, they can bring more traffic to an Etsy listing page.

‣ 3. Feedback score is also very important. Answer all your customer questions and give them brilliant customer service. That will prevent you from bad reviews, refunds and cases. Great reviews, on the contrary, will lead to a higher rank in Etsy search.

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