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Shop Analysis

Control your Traffic and Influence Grades, Get detailed statistics of recent listings. Improve weak areas to get more Traffic.
Listing Analysis

Check SEO Grade,Performance Grade, Competition Grade for your Listing, analyze Keywords and other areas you can improve or fix to increase your Traffic.

Need more sales? Find Trending products in your niche that get a lot of Traffic. All Successful sellers keep pace with Trends.

Save your time finding relevant keywords to force your listings convert.


Make the next sale closer! Estimate buyers’ interest per each keyword to choose good kewords that can increase your Traffic.

Compare shops

Find out competitors' factors of success and create the key to your own succes. Compare number of sales, sales per day and other indicators.
Tracking Shops

Get an opportunity to track competitors' sales. Track number of daily and weekly sales of your competitors.

Get an advantage to generate more relevant set of tags based on keywords entered. Use long tail keywrds to get more accurate tags.
Design Ideas

Find out which listing designs can convert better. Compare daily traffic to find design ideas for your own listings.
Color Chart

Explore colors for your listing variations. Choose any color to get shades. It's good for Branding and item color variations.
Category Finder

Fing proper categories for your listings in 1 click. Discover categories your competitors use to get more Traffic.

Calculate your net profit quickly. Just fill the filds to get a quick result. Save your time and money calculating your present or future profit.

Make more sales on the eve of holidays. Do not miss a single holiday with the Events Tool. It displays upcoming events and celebrations and days to go.
Progress Tool

Track you progress with a shop and listings. Check compleated tasks on the way to your Etsy Success.

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