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Customer expenditures:

Seller expenditures:

Estimated Profit:
(taxes not included)
1 without discount and shipping cost
2 materials, labor, shipping, promoting
3 listing fee (renewing) + transaction fee
4 Payment Processing Fees vary based on the location of a seller’s bank account. Check your fees here: Etsy Payments Fees
5 intermediary fee or others

Learn more about Etsy fees here: Etsy Fees & Payments Policy

Etsy Fee Calculator

Etsy, like any other selling platform, charges a fee. Use our Etsy fees calculator to figure out how much money you’re making at the end of each sale. Understanding the cost to sell on Etsy is very important as it is for every business. Knowing the true net profit with a profit and loss sheet will make sure you’re not losing money every month.

How Much Does Etsy Charge?

Etsy does charge a flat fee of $.20 cents per listing plus a 6.5% transaction fee. There are also payment processing fees which vary between different countries. USA sellers will pay 3% + $.25 cents.

Fees Per Sale (Seller)

Our Etsy fee calculator will require you to put all your fees into the required boxes above to give you a final net price. The required boxes are the different price points for each set of costs. Those costs can vary depending on what you sold, how you sold it, etc. The main points to consider are the product cost, listing, transactions, processing (intermediary fees if you’re receiving foriegn currency outside of the USD) and ad fees.

What if I Sell my Product In-Person?

If you were wondering, you can absolutely sell your products in person, through the Etsy app. Although there are fees to pay, they are much less than what it would usually be. You still need to pay the $.20 cents renewal fee. You will also be charged a 2.75% transaction fee for orders that the credit card is swiped. If you enter the number manually, it is 3.5% + $0.15 cents.

Fees Per Purchase (Buyer)

When you’re a buyer, you don’t necessarily have any fees, but your final total price may not match what the subtotal or price on the product is. Sometimes, you need to account for shipping costs, taxes and subtract any discounts that may apply.

Why Do You Need this Etsy Fee Calculator?

Etsy has become one of the most popular platforms to sell handmade items, digital products and much more. In order to succeed and continue your passion for your craft, you need to make it worth it. Find out exactly how much money you’re making.