What’s wrong with your Etsy Shop

Very often newbies to Etsy face difficulties in the marketplace. It seems you have already checked everything, but sales are slow plus there is no development in general. If it sounds close and truthful, so be ready to improve your strategy with the following recommendations.

Analyze Your Shop and Listings

Well, you feel and see that your shop has faced some obstacles preventing you from moving ahead. Consequently, your shop does not develop, so, logically, you are losing your revenue, decreasing in ranking lower and lower.

First of all, you need to know clearly what gaps, perhaps, you have not noticed, while working with your SEO. So, there are several initial stages for you to identify where fixing is required. And we suggest two following steps:

• The very first phase means your analysis of the shop in general. That is like a general examination to get the signs and hints of possible problematic nuances. And “Shop Analysis Plus” Tool from Seller-Way fits this requirement completely, as the mentioned tool brings you information about the number of sales per month, likes, and feedback scores together with detecting errors or some areas that prevent your further improvement.
“Shop Analysis Plus” Tool :

• The next phase should suppose a deeper and more detailed analysis. Here is the perfect idea to pay attention to your Listings data. However, the problem is, that not always you can figure out all SEO aspects effectively, so we recommend using a special tool for this to avoid just wasting time without unsuccessful results. For example, the “Listing Analysis Plus” Tool from Seller-Way shows you rather significant elements to work with, namely SEO Grade, Performance Grade, and Competition Grade, which demonstrate to you where you need to focus on.
“Listing Analysis Plus” Tool :

MIND, that clear analysis of your Etsy shop is extremely important and here you should pay attention to all aspects not to miss something significant! If you have faced some misunderstandings, problems, or frustration while making your analysis by yourself.

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Fix or improve weak areas

When you get through the previous two steps, you have a kind of a list of what to fix, so your task is to correct your weak areas. Still, we would like to add more useful tricks for your shop development:

• Keywords mean one of the basic components of SEO strategy on Etsy. Thus, remember their checking and testing from time to time in order to be on the top. But this SEO element demands your clear understanding of how to operate it, as using the most popular and obvious ones leads to higher and higher competition. That is why the “Keywords” Tool is a real must-have for present Etsy sellers.
“Keywords” Tool :

• As well, take into account that photos, their style, and lightning, also impact the first customer’s impression that can or cannot lead to sales.

• Last but not the least detail is a description of your Listing. It should be super attractive and at the same time clear and understandable for customers. Imagine that it is a presentation where you are going to emphasize all the best features of your items that bring the solution to customers’ needs.

Expand your Business

And finally, you can and should find new opportunities for the enhancement of your business. If you use the “Trends plus” Tool you will find what is really on-demand on Etsy in your or related niches. Moreover, together with visual references, you get information about customers feedback, categories, and keywords from your competitors.