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Etsy SEO Checklist

Etsy SEO Explained + Etsy SEO Checklist

Your Goal is to be at the 1st page of Etsy search results as usually buyers do not click further then the first page of Etsy search results. If you know how to make Etsy SEO right, it will bring success and juicy results selling on the site.

Your task is to pay attention to Titles and Tags for each of your listing applying all the hacks to boost your results. The aim of this article is to prevent you from any misguided information you can face in the Internet, YouTube or other social media.

This article is based on the official Etsy Seller Handbook - an official guide for Etsy sellers created by We cannot find more truthful information somewhere else so let's learn those tips together.


1. Why SEO is so important for your Etsy Shop

When you list your product on Etsy, it joins other million listings on Etsy. And if a person is searching for, say “vintage jewelry”, it is Etsy search engine that finds all listings regarding to “vintage jewelry”.

In order your listing will be found among other similar ones on Etsy and have a chance to be sold, you should use proper keywords in your listing Titles and Tags.

In other words, in order an Etsy search engine can “find” your listing and show it in search results for buyers, you should optimize your listing for it (using proper keywords). This process is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Good Etsy SEO can help you to set up your item in front of millions of shoppers. If you do Etsy SEO right, you have all the chances to increase your Etsy sales drastically.

With good Etsy SEO you have all the chances to push Your item to the 1st Etsy page, so it appears right in front of millions of shoppers, looking for such great product, as your one.

SO, your task is to make right SEO to make your items more visible for potential buyers. The more effective and performing keywords you use in your Titles and Tags, the higher position your listings can get.

So, let's move to some practical recommendations!

2. Some Practical Recommendations

And here are practical recommendations for you to get an idea of how to find the most "working" keywords to increase your Etsy organic traffic and make your items more visible in Etsy search results. I would like to focus on "Keywords" Tool from Seller-Way

With this tool you can easily find the perfect combo of Keywords to use in your Titles and Tags. I guess delegation of the mentioned process of finding "working" keywords to a special tool integrated with Etsy marketplace is a great idea for wise Etsy sellers who want to save their time and money.

The best selling items on Etsy

Shop Analysis Plus

You can read the detailed information about how to use Keywords Tool here: How to use "Keywords" Tool

More over, read their Tutorial, which is available for each registered user, for more Etsy SEO tips.

Also make sure to try other super useful tools from Seller-Way. You can find more information about them here: Seller-Way Tools

If you are looking for a Step-by-Step Etsy SEO Tutorial, make sure to watch this video till the end:

3. Save This Etsy SEO Checklist:

In order always to have useful Etsy SEO Tips on hand, make sure to save This Etsy SEO Checklist located below. Make your Etsy SEO easily and have good results. Etsy SEO Checklist is a short guide for optimizing each of your listings right. Enjoy and have fun!

The best selling items on Etsy

Happy Selling on Etsy!


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