Have you seen something common among the great sellers in the business? Apple pushes you to purchase the higher-storage option as the base variant is not sufficient. Spotify practically pushes you to get their premium take on music. See something common here? 

Learning how to push your customers to spend more for the dollar itself is an art. Upselling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But with the following tips, you might just be a step closer to making it your own forte, pun intended. Without further ado, learn how to upsell on Etsy and have higher average order values here. 

Link to Other Products in Your Description

The simplest way in which you can make your customers buy more is to show them more. Once they have done their fair share of the proverbial window shopping, they will finalize their purchase. 

This is exactly where you intervene. Once they have finalized their purchase, all you have to do is show them more. By this, we mean—if they’re buying an inch, exhibit a yard—chances are that they’ll get that too. 

Take the example of polo shirts. If you are making big numbers on clothing and your customer buys a polo shirt from you, you don’t just stop there. Now you show them the exquisite pair of chinos that complement it well. Not enough? How about showing them those beautiful boat shoes too? 

Providing more options not only sticks your customer around for longer durations, but it also builds a great deal of trust in them. This is especially valid if you can link products that are more appropriate to the one they’re buying now. Perhaps show them more colors? Or complimentary items? 

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Bundle Products into One Listing

This is a rather smart way to upsell without making the customer feel so. Take Disney for instance. They don’t just sell you their premium Disney+, but also their Hulu and ESPN counterparts too. You feel like you’re getting more in the form of TV shows as well as live matches—but you’re paying extra too. 

Bundling products into one listing has a few advantages. First, the customer gets more than what they initially planned on getting. Second, it exposes them to other things which they would otherwise not have access to, like the case is with ESPN. Third, they’re actually getting a lot more for their money, as the sum of the parts would cost less than the individual components. Finally, you’re learning how to upsell and make yourself a fair dough. Win-win?

Create More Variations in Your Listings

Increasing the number of variations in your listings significantly improves upselling numbers. The logic behind it is simple. Say you’re a seller on Etsy who specializes in phone cases. Now, you can sell cases with solid colors—but then you can also add a lot more palettes to the list. 

With this simple variation, you can now push your customers to get an additional case. For the most part, the customer would obviously want to escape the boredom of black and white and instead get more interesting color palettes. You’re selling magenta and pushing them to get lavender too? Smells like victory. 

Abandoned Cart Coupons

While this exactly does not sound like upselling, it paves the way for the same—here is how. Once you go to marketing > sales and coupons, you have the choice to activate this function. 

Abandoned coupons would be generated against customers who have previously put the said product in their cart but for some reason delayed or failed to complete the payment. You can choose how much you wish to provide as a percentage of the discount. The higher it is, the more likely your customer is to finally complete the purchase. 

This doesn’t sound like upselling, but you can do something really ingenious here. Once you have provided the said discount (the higher, the better), you can also push your customer to get a few other items for a further discounted price. For instance, if you are selling cases, you can push them to buy screen protectors too. 

This is a rather smart way of increasing sales volumes and ensuring that in the grander scheme of things, you end up upselling items. Not only that, but you’re making your customer complete their purchase which would otherwise be long forgotten.

Create More Promotions and Coupons

Speaking of which, it doesn’t take much to upsell, if you have the power of coupons. Coupons can be generated by Etsy itself, and you can use them to upsell. All you need is an occasion or a moment of celebration (or create one for your customer instead)!

For instance, seasonal holidays call for more discounts. Or perhaps, birthdays call for discounts. How about a change of weather or change of seasons? Or maybe, coupons for completing purchases and wanting to get more? You are the monarch of all you survey!

Automatic Coupons

Marketing > sales and coupons is indeed the goldmine if you intend on upselling like a pro. Etsy will create coupons for you and you can determine the percentages for the same. 

Automatic coupons could be placed on customers making more purchases. Or perhaps, you can place these on your premium line of items. That way you can not only give your customers a taste of what your listing is about, but in the process make them shell out more of that currency. 

Create More Listings

As you might have guessed, variety is the spice of life. With more listings, you expose your customer to more options and choices. As you might have guessed, choices are indeed liberating. 

With more listings, there is an extreme likelihood of your customers to get more than one product. If you can provide further discounts or offers on top of that, you might just end up making a big sale, both with regards to numbers and volume.

What is Upselling on Etsy?

Upselling is a technique wherein you nudge your customer to make purchases that would cost them more than they initially planned on getting. In other words, you would be nudging them to spend greater dollars, and in the process, give them more too. 

This could take place in various forms. You can either make them buy your premium items, or you can make them purchase a greater volume of products. Either way, at the end of the day, the customer feels satisfied as they have received more value for their money, and you have essentially made more sales too. That is essentially upselling. 

What is the Average Order Value/Cart?

Average order value is a fair way to assess both your revenues as well as remunerations over a standard unit. Ideally, it is the ratio of the total revenue by the number of sales. This gives insight into not only how valuable your orders are, but it also makes you think and rethink about your sales strategies. 

Ideally, you would want your AOV to be as healthy as possible. You can either sell more expensive items to your customers, or you can increase the number of sales so as to get a voluminous number of the same. The best way to do so? Upselling.