Once you have decided to start selling handmade items or digital products on Etsy, you should be ready for a new business journey in order to expand your business.

Growing means steady and continuous development of your skills and responsibility that allow handling of day-to-day business issues.

How to Scale Your Etsy Store? Growing Your Etsy Shop

Learning how to scale your Etsy store is a question all Etsy sellers have, no matter if you are new or experienced. Maintaining steady traffic of visitors, constant brainstorming, as well as updating marketing efforts and skills, describe the process of running a successful eCommerce business. However, if you are struggling to operate on all components to earn consistently, look through the following recommendations to balance your clear understanding of what strategy you need to skyrocket your Etsy sales.

1. Work on Your SEO

Well, the very first step after opening your store on the marketplace is to settle your Etsy SEO. If you want to stay visible to potential clients, you have no other options, but constantly update your personal SEO skills. So, by optimizing search engines, your store will obviously rank higher and better. Thus, it can guarantee a kind of brand awareness.

However, as most Etsy visitors are looking for a particular item, the more precise your keywords are, the higher views you will get. And that is just one example. Mind also titles, tags, descriptions, attributes, and so on. Each optimized section surely brings some result, when all together SEO efforts help to promote your store and figure it out among tons of others on the marketplace.

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2. Focus on Branding

If we are talking about branding, it would be highly effective for all Etsy sellers to pay attention, that it is really more than just a perfect logo, banner, and a shop name. It’s much deeper! While visiting a shop in the marketplace, any potential client makes his or her choice within just several seconds. And all the above-mentioned factors mean the first “touchpoint” that stimulates continued research around this very store.

Also, mind the voice of communication, your packages, and your after-sale interaction. Together all these components boost brand recognition and business success, respectively.

3. Quality Photos

The third item of our boosting guidance looks like a logical continuation of branding. Photos of high quality are a must for high ranking on the marketplace. However, effective, consequently popular, and clickable photos do not need professional equipment. The following recommendations can guarantee the necessary effect:

  • No direct sunlight.
  • No harsh shadow.
  • Clear background.

At least these three rules result in definitely advantageous photos. Still, striving for perfection sounds like quite strong motivation to upgrade visual content. So, the usage of editing apps (like Canva), lifestyle shots, and a demonstration of items variation in one photo make your showcase fresh, stylish, and unique!

4. Market Your Items on Social Media

However, every Etsy seller should realize the necessity of driving more traffic to their store. And it should be done constantly. Here various social media are worth Etsy stores owners’ notice. There is not one clear recommendation on which platform will be the most profitable for each particular niche or store. But, blogging matters, as running a blog, every seller can become closer to a customer, showing the process and deeper story of brand creation. After all, it’s a great opportunity to interact with your audience, keeping your items on the boil.

5. Use Etsy Ads

Perhaps, that is one of the most frequently asked questions a la “to be or not to be”. Almost every seller is hesitating before risking Etsy Ads. However, it is the shortest and fastest way to skyrocket your shop and get a leading top position in your niche. Surely, it’s not a magic button, like probably most people think. But let’s have a look into the details, structuring the best-performing tactics:

  • Choose your best-sellers and promote them.
  • Promote your mid-range listings.
  • Check the experience of your promotion not to overweight profit itself.

And final tip here means a proper SEO preparation of a store before launching any advertising campaign.

6. Put Inserts In Your Physically Shipped Items so Buyers Can Come Back

One more flashback to a branding strategy also supposes clear and well-thought-out filling of a packaging. Surely, you can just put inside the chosen item and post the purchase to a buyer. The question is whether your customer will make repeated purchases or just forget your shop. Surprise your clients with a small present inside a parcel!

Adding a small version of other items from your range, a cute branded postcard, or even a small bar of chocolate, can leave only a warm positive impression and strengthen customers’ desire to come back or recommend your shop to family and friends.

7. Check What Your Competitors are Doing

To take a top – position in Etsy ranking requires clear awareness of what is going on not only in your niche but within related ones as well. Thus, it means a constant analysis of competitors. But if you are a bit confused about what criteria are really significant for such research, mind the criteria that are mentioned here as a guide to what really matters while looking for information about competitors.

8. Free Shipping

One more trick to impact Etsy sales, as you have already got, implies free shipping. Since July 2019 the marketplace has stipulated such an option to give some priority to stores that offer free shipping over $35. Anyway, it does not mean you should trade this way, just mind such a way to potentially increase your revenue.

9. Descriptive Policy Pages

Do not ignore all sections of your store. Imagine when a visitor clicks a store with almost no information, without structure, and, what is more upset, without any details about the policy. Surely, it looks strange and not reliable from the point of view of a client.

So, there is good news – fill in all the indispensable data the marketplace demands from every seller. Thus, you prevent unnecessary questions and suspicious attitudes from your potential customers.

10. Add More Listings

The more listings you offer, the better for your sales. First of all, Etsy stores with a great number of listings look more attractive, reliable, and involved in the purchasing process. Such an attitude to business, in general, demonstrates the seriousness of an owner to meet clients’ demands. Surely, it requires time, effort, and investment that totally will bring juicy feedback. But, there are tips not to turn the process into endless adding of unavailing listings:

  • Analyze all listings from time to time to identify which one is profitable and which one has no-win potential.
  • Add listings with related items so as not to confuse and perplex potential clients while visiting your store. The whole range of your store should appeal to a core audience.

11. Encourage Repeat Customers with Discount Codes

And final recommendation here is connected with the stipulation of customers to come back as often as possible. What can contribute to repeated sales? Well, discount codes definitely meet sellers’ expectations in this case.

Remember adding such a bonus into a package as a part of inserts. Also, in case you have an email database of your clients, offer them additional discounts before seasonal sales, for example. But, mind that adding customers’ email addresses to your mailing list is forbidden in the marketplace. However, you can offer them to sign up for your mailing list and get some privileges and extra bonuses.


Well, by summing up all recommended tips and structurally putting them into action, you can surely scale your Etsy store. Moreover, you can come back and recheck your business strategy later.