It is not a secret that NO TRAFFIC – NO DEAL. So, without any hesitation, we can state, that traffic means the most important and desirable aim of all business strategies.

Importance of Traffic:

Thanks to an influx, your shop gets great involvement, becoming more and more recognizable, when search algorithm considers it worth higher ranking for further promoting among the audience.

If you want to know more, about why you are still struggling without any traffic, you need to analyze your shop and listings properly.

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How to Estimate your Traffic

Well, first of all, you need to identify your traffic status, and here is one of the really effective tricks, you can apply. The initial phase supposes a clear analysis of a shop in general. So, look at the opportunities of the “Shop Analysis Plus” Tool from Seller-Way and you will get the point about traffic and influence rate that demonstrates whether your shop conversion is effective enough. Then, you can make some deeper research, and in 1 click with the “Listing Analysis Plus” Tool from Seller-Way, you will clarify all your issues connected with keywords, photos, and descriptions of the checked listing.

Having estimated your traffic, you are ready to improve it and generate more benefits. So, let’s skip to how it is possible to increase your traffic which surely brings you juicy results.

Ways to increase traffic:

• The first point, that we would like to figure out, supposes good SEO. Thus, probably it sounds a bit frustrating but good SEO influences greatly your visibility, searchability, and consequently profit. So, at least basic knowledge is required here. And it is out of the question, that organic traffic thanks to effective keywords will definitely save your money as fixed SEO means one of the not really expensive methods to increase traffic. And here we could give one more trick to solve the issue – try “Keywords” Tool to find effective, performing, and relevant keywords in your niche and with your items.

• The next step in your improvement strategy includes the launching of Etsy Ads. Such a campaign can bring you revenue, but mentally clear and thorough preparation before starting advertising.

• Social Media prove their positive feedback while attracting more traffic. Being additional channels, they direct new customers to your shop, and promote it, creating your brand recognizability.

• What is more, we recommend you focus on your personal or brand blogs. You can show the value of your items, and tell a story of your brand as well as what problems and challenges you are facing during your work. Remember also about your brand site, which could redirect the audience to your shop, increasing your organic traffic, the importance of which we have mentioned above.