As the saying in football (or soccer, if you may) goes—what use is there if there is no conversion? In the greatest platform wherein, a business can flourish and thrive, the same saying is applicable here too. 

There is indeed no point in creating lucrative listings on Etsy if you aren’t converting them to more sales. The conversion ratio is the ratio between the number of sales to the number of visits to your website or listing. Usually, anything between 2-3% should suffice, but if you can shoot it north of 4, then the sky’s the limit!

The pertinent question thus arises—how do you increase this to healthier figures? How do you make sure your customers who visit your store end up buying stuff too? Here are some easy tips. 

Clear Pictures and Videos

The logic is simple—what sees is what sells. In order to ensure greater conversion rates, you have to provide picture samples. Not only that, but you have to ensure that the pictures are of supreme quality. 

Think about it—even before your customer looks into the product description or reviews, they check out the product itself. What’s the best metric to gauge the quality of products? You guessed it right—good quality images. Moreover, posting pictures isn’t enough—make sure you post at least 8-10 of them. 

Videos come in handy when the product is elaborate. Something like a vase or a pair of shoes requires some more insight. People would want to know what it looks like from the inside, what it looks like when worn around, and what it looks like when kept at various angles. For this, videos are your best bet. 

Seller-Way Membership

Fairly Priced

On seeing the high-res images, your visitors would be rather compelled to buy your product. What do they see after this? The price. In order to ensure that more customers end up buying your items, you have to keep your prices competitive. 

A good way to do so is to browse through the market yourself. See how the others are pricing their products, see what they lack or add in terms of product. You don’t want to overshoot that bracket—nor do you want to undercut it abnormally. After all, it’s business.

Communicate Your Products Features and Benefits in the Titles

As a general rule of thumb, you have to assume that your customers are busy. They would be interested in the product description ONLY if they deem it interesting. They will check out the pictures, and then the price. After this—you guessed it right—the crux of features. 

In order to grab their attention further, ensure that your title of the product provides ample and crisp information. Make sure that the information provided caters to the precise needs of the customer. Your job is to decrease the time between engaging in the product and eventually buying it. 

Free or Reasonable Shipping

Oftentimes the product is both appropriate and affordable—but the shipping costs turn out to be a pain in the posterior. In order to still have them buy your product and increase your conversion rate, you have to deal with the shipping debacle. 

We understand that shipping across borders can be a financial challenge. That way, even the customers are willing to pay the extra charges. But for local or over short distances? You’re better than that. Offering reasonable or free shipping for those deliveries would surely aid in boosting conversion rates. In the grander scheme of things, this would be good for business. 

Make Sure Shoppers Leave Excellent Reviews

Once the influx of customers increases and business shows good numbers, you have a little more homework to do. Make sure that your customers leave good reviews. Correction—make sure they put accurate reviews (we know your products are amazing!).

This would ensure a good deal of trust between you and the newer customers. As a seller, this would establish a healthy amount of reliability and reflect that you are a responsible seller. Be sure to reach out to your customers and implore them to fill in good reviews. Sounds like massive conversion rates. 

Don’t Hide Anything

When it comes to reviews, expecting 100% positive feedback sounds like utopian conduct. There will always be someone whose expectations are not met to the brim. They might also leave not-so-good reviews. 

Fret not, you have nothing to worry about. Be sure to steer clear of shady activities like hiding those reviews. Having rare unsatisfactory reviews among the majority of 5-star ones would pledge for the reliability of you and your product. It would also show that you are working to improve. Don’t hide anything from your customers. 

Become a Star Seller

Being a star seller isn’t a joke. It is Etsy’s way of recognizing that you have indeed done a great job. What you can consider as the “top 100 of all time” from Etsy’s standpoint, being a Star Seller makes sure that you stand out. 

With the purple badge that comes along, you can also expect an exponential increase in sales numbers. Getting featured here requires you to keep a lot in mind, some of which are mentioned next. 

whatis an etsy super star seller?

Give Discounts or Special Offers

Who doesn’t like discounts? As a seller, you have to make those special occasions even more special for the customer. While Christmas and New Year’s are a must, Thanksgiving too should make an entry into your special occasion list. 

These call for special offers. Don’t shy away from making the customer feel more wanted. No festivities coming their way? Introduce clearance sales!

Be Super Quick When Answering Customers

The most efficient way to instill greater trust in your customers is to reach out to their concerns and queries as soon as possible. Having an answering mechanism wherein you clear their doubts should be of utmost priority. 

After all, queries are bound to exist; but the real deal lies in how quickly you resolve them. Having an answering channel set up can do a great deal here. 

Accept All the Payment Options

Finally, a seller with good conversion rates is one who is flexible. When it comes to payment options, you ideally should accept all. This would prove to be rather convenient for the user itself, as well as ensure a constant cash flow for you, from all sides. 

You Can Add More Product Variations

Variety is the spice of life, and spicy stuff is indeed more lucrative. As a seller, your aim is to maximize your variety of options on offer. This would ensure that your customer also has a lot to choose from. Be it color variations or products itself, having more options is simply a greater boon. 

Shorter Processing Times

Much like shipping times, shorter processing times prove to be amazing from the customer’s standpoint. The entire idea behind online shopping is convenience, and the greater convenience you can provide, the more your conversion rates will be. Being able to process your customer’s orders quickly will surely boost this. 

What’s a Good Conversion Rate for Etsy?

As a novice seller, you would ideally want to keep conversion rates from 2-3%, but in order to ensure a healthy and flourishing business, try to shoot north of 3. In a utopian world, and if you are bumping up those numbers higher, you might see the lights of 4% too. Time to create your utopia. 

How to Calculate it?

Calculating numbers on Etsy is very important. Whether you’re calculating your margins, revenues, or listing stats, you need to manage it properly with the right data.

Head over to Listings > Listing Option Wheel > Listing Stats. Now check out the number of visits followed by the number of orders. Divide these two entities and then multiply the result by 100; you should get your conversion rate as % hereon. 

Determining Quality Listings

Quality listings are ones that are easily found when inquiring about products. These are listings whose products are backed by high-res images, have good feedback, have great shipping stats, and provide great convenience. 

Proper Titles

Quality listings also grab the attention of the customer with the help of amazing, catchy, and yet accurate titles. If you are one of those who wish to quickly climb the Etsy ladder, this, along with the other aforementioned ideas is something you need to keep in mind.