As an aspiring and ambitious seller, you probably have imagined making rapid sales on Etsy. If you have been loitering for the right answer, we are here to tell you that there isn’t one. Instead, there are many. Heck, we even have 10 Tips on How to Get your First 10 Sales on Etsy. Let’s get started, shall we? 

Work on Your SEO (Tags and Keywords)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a way in which you can make yourself more visible out there in the intertwined world of webs. Implying that if you know how to manage the SEO game, you can technically make search engines, as well as Etsy, do the advertising for you. 

How, you might ask? It is both simple and complex. The simple part is the use of proper keywords. The complex bit lies in its application of it. Think about it—Etsy gives you about 13 tags with each being 20 characters long. You need to brainstorm and see what kind of tags and keywords would make you more visible than the rest when it comes to Etsy searches; this would make your first 10 sales come up quickly. 

How do you use valid keywords? Try to be specific and as compact as you can be. Be sure to provide the name of your product in the title, to begin with. This should aid in making you more visible. If there is something that the customer checks other than the images, it is the title. 

Additionally, learn how to use long-tailed keywords to your advantage. This would mean that you are making your item a lot more specific and yet applicable to a greater audience. For instance, if you are selling phone cases, you can specifically mention the brand name, like “cases for Samsung s22” and so on. This would automatically redirect your customers to your product—saving them time and inconvenience and in turn making you quick sales. 

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Have High-Quality Products

This goes without saying. Once you have lured your customer into your store, there is no going back—not when you want to make those first 10 sales quickly and efficiently. Having subpar products will not only make your store look bad, but it will prove to be a breach of trust from where your customer stands. 

Make sure that there are no lapses from your end. Make sure that the product you’re shipping doesn’t have cracks, crevices, faults, or anything of that sort. Be very sure of doing some Quality Control from your end, for you cannot afford to have a poor reputation, not when you’re still planning on bagging your first ten customers. 

Besides the product, the peripherals surrounding it should be top-tier too. The description should be catchy, the title should be crisp, and the pictures should be high-quality. Speaking of which…

Have High-Quality Photos and Video

The easiest way to your customer’s hearts and wallets is by visual stimulation. Ensuring that your shop has high-quality photos and videos is by far the easiest way to make your sales run efficiently. In order to understand this better, you need to stop thinking like a seller for a moment. Think from a customer’s standpoint—do people even read about the product before they check out the attached media files? 

In order to make the most of this opportunity, be sure to add as many photos and videos from as many angles as possible. If you are selling sports shoes, for instance, be sure to add videos that vouch for their durability. Adding a video wherein the shoe is being used in the real world can provide massive credibility to your product—thereby making those first sales come quick. 

Make sure to use proper backgrounds too. If you are selling a phone case that is lighter in color, be sure to use a darker background so that it pops. What soothes the eye, feeds into the wallet!

Have Great Copywriting in Your Description

Remember how we said that the customer would check your media files first? Once they are convinced, they would check up on the description of the product. This is where your poeticism should shine brightest. 

Don’t think of it as a daunting task to exercise good copywriting. Instead, see it from the point of storytelling. This is your product, and this is your story to tell. Your customers should know what inspired you to provide that kind of listing, to begin with. 

At the same time, be sure to not get carried away. This isn’t a blog, after all. While you can provide that element of poetry, be sure to have more facts than fiction. After all, this is what will be the final sale to the customer. Be sure to provide exact specifications, numbers, statistics, and so on. 

Work on Creating a Lot of Listings

It is important to increase your repertoire when it comes to ramp up those sales numbers. Considering you are still selling those aforementioned sports shoes or phone cases, be sure to work on more varieties of them. 

Sure, we understand if you are creating custom items—in which case, be sure to cater to a wider range of audiences. For instance, if your phone case is themed around a particular TV show or film, be sure to have more character-custom cases too. This would provide a “something for everyone” connection with your customer, therefore widening the base of sales. 

If you are selling more mainstream items, you can widen your spectrum of sales by making different shades, textures, and shapes of the same. These are elementary things but efficient nonetheless. 

Try to Give Free Shipping  

In order to make those first sales quick, you need to know where and how to entice your customer. Someone who sees “free shipping” is likely to order your product quicker than someone who sees that you’re charging an exorbitant amount for the same. 

Think about it this way—since you still haven’t made those high sales numbers yet, would you not incentivize the idea of “free shipping” for the long haul?

Create Discounts  

You can either sulk and be sorry for being a new seller, or you can learn how to monetize it. New seller? Sounds like a pretty good way to sell your product under the garb of “new opening” discounts! Limited edition, mind you. 

Creating discounts would not only instill a great sense of bonding between you and your first few customers but incentivizing that works in exponentially increasing sales of the same. Think about it—friends recommending your products to their friends based on discounts that amplify if you share ‘em? Sounds fantastic. 

Promote on social media and Pinterest

Now that you have started making those sales, why not spread your word globally? You can use Etsy to reach out to your customers for valuable feedback. From here, you can use this data and share it on social media to increase credibility. 

When it comes to this, be sure to use each platform wisely and differently. For instance, Facebook can be an outlet to communicate with your customer, whereas Pinterest can be to showcase those limited deals and new additions to your listings. As we have mentioned earlier, be sure to provide immaculate media files with high resolution. 

Have a Uniform Brand

Uniform branding is when you have a strong and imposing brand presence, wherein your brand values stand out as compared to your competitors. Brand uniform-ing adds personality to your brand. What Apple has done to the idea of minimalism, or what Samsung has done to the idea of flexibility (pun intended) is what makes them stand out. 

So, what is your brand message?