The age of the internet is all about trends. Be it the latest, most hilarious TikTok that has gone viral, or the most heart-wrenching Joji track—the hottest trends will always take the cake. When it comes to Etsy, the case is no different. In order to ensure that your bakery is always up and running, you need to be well aware of the hottest trends around. Once you figure that out, everything else is a cakewalk. 

What is a Trending Product?

A trending product is one that is bound to sell like hotcakes (patisserie pun continues). Usually, it doesn’t stand the test of time, but in the brief moment that it exists, there is nothing like it to exist in the markets. As a seller, this proves to be a goldmine for you if you know how to play the game. While this might appear as a fad, if you keep shifting from trend to trend, you are in for a seller’s treat.

How to Find Trending Items to Sell on Etsy?

A trending product usually makes massive sales for a very brief point of time, after which it gets replaced by some other trend. This is where you need to play your cards right as a seller. Your job here is to figure out what trends are active, and right before it fades—you need to figure out the next trend. This would ensure not only large volumes of sales, but in a rather short span of time. Perks of understanding trends, if you ask us. 

Seller Ways Trending Products

In order to sell trending items, you will have to exercise some intuition and market-reading skills. For instance, if it is a pre-wedding season, wedding items would sell a lot more. Or perhaps, if there is a new Apple product around the corner, appropriate accessories would sell at a flashing rate. As a seller, figure out the weigh-ins of the trend and try to keep hopping between newer ones. 

Trending Items on Etsy in 2022

Now that you have an idea about trends, we have created a list to help you sail with sales across 2022. Here, you will find the hottest products on Etsy to sell: trending products that you do not want to miss out on. Keep reading!

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Digital Products

“Digital products” is an umbrella term that can extend across the horizon and beyond. While some might categorize vintage polaroid cameras as digital products, others can consider digital art to be an item to sell. 

Fret not, if you are relying on digital items—chances are, you will always be in trend. Be it the NFT fever which currently is sporadic, or perhaps the newly rising digital notes or homework trends—as long as you’re selling, they’re buying. 


Personalized wedding items are one of the trendiest selling propositions you will find in the market. Is your customer wanting custom-bridesmaid pouches? Or perhaps, custom lapels? With wedding items, you can honestly never go wrong. As long as the societal concepts of consummation exist, you will be banging profit numbers. `

Home Décor

With more Gen-Z folks shifting from one place to another, having access to serene home décor items becomes a must for them. In this case, all you need to do is study the specific trends around. 

Remember the time when dream-catchers were a thing? And now, mini-lights? With utility items and minimalism taking the trend scene now, you can guess what comes next. 

Craft, Art and Collectibles

Craft and art are the most vintage and yet the trendiest in Etsy’s list of items. With this, not only can you exercise your technical prowess with your nimble, tactile skills, but in the process, create trends too. 

A newfound discovery when it comes to collectibles is, surprisingly, items that were once pretty trendy back in the 00’s. For instance, Pokémon cards, or perhaps Naruto collectibles have shown massive trends in modern times. 

On that note, the best attribute that you can have as a seller is to give your customer the liberty to customize. Customizability is essentially handing freedom to your customer, and this liberty has and will always stand the test of time. 


No matter how trends come and go, some are essentially timeless. Jewelry is one such item that has and will always stand the test of time. No matter the size, scale or pattern, jewelry items will always be in fashion.

That being said, this also happens to be the most competitive market of the lot. Judging by how many folks end up buying jewelry items from Etsy, you have to ensure that you are both trendy as well as thinking out-of-the-box, always. 

Baby Stuff and Toys

For the folks who have bought wedding items from you, chances are—you might want to keep them around. For their next stages of life, they will be looking for baby stuff. Apparels, micro-cleaners, or even smaller cots—baby items are a trend wherever wedding items are. We mean, everywhere. 

Toys carry a lot of weight in a baby’s life too. After all, it is something that shapes how they perceive things. While you don’t necessarily have to be trendy, things like gender-neutral toys or items that aid in learning can go a long way. 

Party Supplies

While some parties are seasonal, for the party animal, it is just another day. As a seller, you have to get the basics of party supplies covered first. We mean, quintessential items for occasions like Christmas or New Year’s. 

Other than that, all you need to do is look for the latest trends that can be used to make party items. Things like streamers which have ongoing themes involved with it, such as a Ye-album art-based streamer (too niche, we know) or a Barbie-based party popper (We don’t mean you, Ryan) should get you good sales volumes.