Today I am sharing with you my extraordinary story of how I became an Etsy seller a long time ago by opening my first Etsy shop. Keep reading to see how I was able to turn my hobby into a profitable business using Seller-Way! I hope it inspires you and motivates to make your own shop better because I believe you deserve more Etsy sales as your items can make this world better!


An owner of one common Etsy shop

 Hi, I am Holly, and I am the owner of one common Etsy shop. I set up my shop a long time ago in 2009. Yes, sure it was not the first wave of Etsy sellers, but still for now I feel I have enough experience to tell my story to encourage nowadays Etsy-greeny. Well, I sell beaded bracelets, but as for me it’s not ordinary jewelry.



I made bracelets, choosing stones according to various queries: it can be a special set of stones particularly for this or that astrological sign or for some particular aims. So, my bracelets can attract luck, strengthen health or reduce stress etc. They definitely should be an amazing gift for friends, family or yourself. Why not to take your care of yourself or other people this way!

Actually, being a student to involve some creative activity during the studying process, I began making beaded bracelets as a hobby. And from time to time my friends asked me to make my items as gifts for their families. So, almost from the very beginning my bracelets started traveling around the USA and Canada.


Within the time I could not escape thoughts about online selling, but I did nor understand how it should be managed. In 2008 my friends asked me whether I had my Etsy shop – hmmm, I was hesitated as I had not heard about the marketplace till that moment. Perhaps, that was the point my Etsy way began. It took me some time to look through Etsy and prepare the first photos for future listings.


Listing Analysis Tools by Seller-Way

Finally, I launched my shop and waited, then again waited and waited for sales. The Cha-ching sound actually was so rare that I became frustrated and depressed as I did my best and did not figure out where I was losing opportunities for better promotion. Especially, when I saw successful stories in my niche and that was really annoying.


But through it all I desperately wanted to become a part of the community! In several months I started my first office job. Though it was a difficult period of life because I tried to manage my working tasks in a new team, while my Etsy business was dying out.


Anyway, I decided to focus on my career and spent mostly all my time to develop my professional skills. But in 2 years I was so broken as I liked my bracelets and the process was a kind of meditation for me. And finally, in 2011 I came back to re-energize my shop because I could not imagine my life without beads and stones and all that staff. And since that second launching I have already made more than 5000 sales!!!


Listing Analysis Tools by Seller-Way


This time I decided to take my business seriously with searching of information about algorithm and SEO, scrutinizing everything that was possible. And during my study survey I faced Seller-Way.
I remember this moment, as it was just before Mother’s Day and I wanted to hit my record for the occasion so much. But no, I got enough orders but not the number that I really struggled for, so 2 weeks before Independence Day I signed up to Seller-Way monthly subscription.


And this time I got juicy results, amazing my expectations completely. I signed for plus tools and worked deeply with Shop Analysis, Keywords and Trends tools to generate my sales before the holiday. I liked the process as I did everything fast, clear and what is important, effectively to get feedback. And my best-selling bracelet “for good luck” stroke 10 times more sales that period.


Listing Analysis Tools by Seller-Way


Before that subscription I tried to fix my SEO, but my efforts were not so successful, so I really appreciate Seller-Way tools for changing my tags and finding new performing keywords to boost my selling process.


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How I turned my hobby into a profitable business on Etsy







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How I turned my hobby into a profitable business on Etsy

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Carol Anderson

My shop has been opened since Feb 2020, I had some traffic but no sales. One person recommended me to try Seller-Way in a Facebook group, and I decided to get the Subscription. So, I learned about SEO Strategy from their Tutorial, fixed some tags, improved descriptions and in a while I started to see real results! First I got a free version, but now I can’t leave without their paid tools that help me to be ahead of my competitors. I highly recommend Seller-Way, it’s incredibly helpful!

Jessica Lee

I started my Etsy shop in 2019 selling jewelry. I made over 100 pieces of jewelry, list them on Etsy and started waiting. Sales didn’t come. I saw other sellers were successful, selling similar jewelry and even at a higher price. I thought about giving up of my Etsy shop seriously. My friend recommended me to try Seller-Way, so I decided to sign up for it because I needed to save my shop from failure. I never heard about SEO before, so I started to learn. There were so many things I never even considered I was doing wrong!!! Today I have over 5000 sales but still use Seller-Way to maintain my level of success.

Emma Jackson

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