Step #1: Find Trends

Find listings that generate a lot of traffic:

‣ Using the “Trends plus” tool, enter keywords (related to your niche) and hit the “Search” button (look at the picture below).

‣ You will get the list of the most popular listings found on Etsy (look at the picture below);

The best selling items on Etsy

‣ Discover all trends, flip through pages below the table for more results or enter another keyword.

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Step #2: Estimate profit

For each trending listing, you will get statistics.

Ask yourself: “What is the conversion rate on my top listing?”

So, trendy listings can have a conversion rate of about 10% or even more.

The listing from the example above can have about 22 sales per day! (219*10% = 22 items sold).

The revenue per day can hit $444 (22*$20.20=$444).

The revenue per month can hit $13320 ($444*30 days).

These were rough revenue calculations. You need to exclude Etsy fees and PayPal fees.

To estimate profit you can use the “Calculator” Tool.

Step #3: Create your own item

Now you are familiar with trends.

Create your own trendy item. Do not copy, but make it unique.

Include the best keywords in your title and tags (they have a great impact on traffic).

Use the “Keywords” Tool from Seller-Way to find keywords with low competition and a high view rate.

Etsy Keyword Tool

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