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Seller-Way gives you beneficial Etsy SEO Strategy for Success

How I turned my hobby into a profitable business on Etsy

Are you aware of this double feelings of being extremely enthusiastic about Etsy and at the same time struggling to cope all this SEO stuff?

The philosophy of Seller-Way means really helpful support for all Etsy sellers to free time and energy resources for your favorite business. Seller-Way tools are organized the way you need just several clicks to get the necessary results.

No Etsy Sales? You need a Strategy!

Whoever you are on Etsy, Seller-Way has prepared an effective and flexible formula to boost your shop business. Based on tons of experience and hours of practice, 5 - Stage SEO Strategy demonstrates really juicy results, while every seller can identify how many stages are required personally for his or her shop.

Etsy SEO Strategy by Seller-Way

Effective Tools for Your Etsy SEO Strategy

Seller-Way developed unique tools to meet all the needs on each stage of your Etsy SEO Strategy. Seller-Way tools serve as a brilliant assistant for all Etsy sellers nowadays.

Etsy SEO Strategy by Seller-Way

As dealing with such challenging period, the aim of Seller-Way means help for everyone to try working online successfully and enjoying the process in general.

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Advantages of Seller-Way Subscription

Seller-Way Subscription gives your more opportunities for Success:

1. Analyze your Shop

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Analyze your Shop to find mistakes you should fix to be successful.

2. Check Listing Grades

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Check Listing Grades to find out what can slow down your Etsy sales.

3. Make Listing Analysis

Listing Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Analyze your Listings to find weak areas you should fix to sell more.

4. Make SEO Analysis

Etsy SEO Analysis by Seller-Way

Make SEO Analysis to know if your SEO good enough to compete with other sellers.

5. Make Influence Analysis

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Make Influence Analysis to know what you should improve to have higher conversions.

6. Make Keyword Analysis

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Make Keyword Analysis to see what keywords you should replace to get more sales.

7. Find Keywords

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Find the best keywords to appear higher in Etsy Search.

8. Compare Keywords

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Compare Keywords to use in your listings the best ones.

9. Find Trends

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Find Trending products on Etsy to know what shoppers are looking for.

10. Track Competitors' sales

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Track Competitors' sales to control the competition in your niche.

11. Find Design Ideas

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Find Design Ideas to know what designs convert better.

12. Track Events

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Track Events to prepare in time for upcoming sales.

13. Calculate your Profit

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Calculate your present of supposed profit to make sure you get a good reward.

14. Collect Progress Stickers

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Improve your SEO skills and Collect fun Stickers.

15. Get step-by-step Tutorial

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Get the detailed Tutorial to learn effective SEO Strategy.

16. Improve Marketing Skills

Shop Analysis Tool by Seller-Way

Improve your Marketing and SEO skills reading Seller-Way Blog.

For Whom Seller-Way is:

If you sell in one of these categories, Seller-Way is for you

• Jewelry

• Accessories

• Clothing

• Vintage

• Home Decor

• Bath & Beauty

• Pet Supplies

• Painting

• Photography

• Prints

• Glass Art

• Drawing & Illustration

• Sculpture

• Dolls & Miniatures

• Wedding items

• Party Supplies

• Invitations & Paper

• Print on Demand

• Toys & Books

• All creative things

Why Sellers-Way


• Over 10 000 Active Sellers who own Etsy Shops trust Seller-Way

For everyone

• Seller-Way is the best solutions for Etsy beginners and Professionals.

Effective Tools

• You get All necessary Tools to bring your Etsy shop closer to success

Unique Tools

• You get Unique Tools that you can't find anywhere else.

FREE version

• You can start from a FREE version. Choosing a Paid version gives you all the exclusive advanced tools created for serious sellers

Easy to Use

• Super Easy (and fun) to use! (even a Beginner can understand it in a minute!)


• You get Step-by-step Tutorial to follow. Clear SEO Strategy from A to Z.

Save Time

• Seller-Way tools were designed to Save your Time. Spend your time on Creativity instead!


• Discount on Annual Subscription (available for all Etsy Sellers)


• We protect your data. Seller-Way is absolutely safe to use, the integration is coming by and your private data remain safe.

What other Etsy Sellers say
about Seller-Way:

Ashley Hernandez

After owning my Etsy Shop for 2 years without many sales, I decided to get Seller-Way paid Subscription. Tools were so helpful for me, as in a short time I was able to understand what I was doing wrong with my Etsy Shop and what I need to improve. I learned a lot from their SEO Tutorial and now I am so happy with my Etsy sales. I definitely recommend Seller-Way for those who struggle with sales and need to take their business to the next level. Thank you so much!!! ♥️

Carol Anderson

My shop has been opened since Feb 2020, I had some traffic but no sales. One person recommended me to try Seller-Way in a Facebook group, and I decided to get the Subscription. So, I learned about SEO Strategy from their Tutorial, fixed some tags, improved descriptions and in a while I started to see real results! First I got a free version, but now I can't leave without their paid tools that help me to be ahead of my competitors. I highly recommend Seller-Way, it's incredibly helpful!

Jessica Lee

I started my Etsy shop in 2019 selling jewelry. I made over 100 pieces of jewelry, list them on Etsy and started waiting. Sales didn't come. I saw other sellers were successful, selling similar jewelry and even at a higher price. I thought about giving up of my Etsy shop seriously. My friend recommended me to try Seller-Way, so I decided to sign up for it because I needed to save my shop from failure. I never heard about SEO before, so I started to learn. There were so many things I never even considered I was doing wrong!!! Today I have over 5000 sales but still use Seller-Way to maintain my level of success.

Emma Jackson

Due to Seller-Way I was able to increase the visibility of my products in Etsy Search and as a result - shoppers find my items more often and buy more from me! I review my tags every 30 days, so Keywords tool is my must-have! I keep using the paid version of Seller-Way from month to month: I constantly find working keywords for my new listings and adjust tags in existing listings. Also, I check Trends in my niche to know what people are looking for, so I can plan my sales in advance! I am proud to use Seller-Way and can recommend it to every wise Etsy seller! Good luck in your sales!! ♥️

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