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Etsy SEO Checklist

Etsy SEO Checklist

Today’s article is devoted to the most crucial issue every business faces. And definitely it doesn’t matter what size it is: big or small, international or local ones. I mean SEO. And that is actually what we are going to dive in.

But at first, perhaps, it is out of question that we need to get to the point what SEO means. Well, we have deal with Search engine optimization.

And to be more precise that is the way you need for garnering of attention and engaging of more and more potential customers. Or even such an optimization helps to remember your existed customers about you, your business and items or services you are selling.


So, let’s make clear why SEO is so important. As if you are going to achieve some results, you need to be recognizable and on demand. I guess it is rather understandable. Well, what do you need for the mentioned gains?

Visibility and searchability. So, these are two significant elements for successful sales and business running in general. We can definitely state all businesses are eager to get benefits from good SEO implementation.

1. Is SEO really so extremely necessary?

Okey, let we do in the following way. I will tell you about benefits your business can get from effective SEO and you will answer in the comment section below. I think it will be really interesting to look at different points of view. So, continue.

the first point here means organic traffic for your Etsy shop. Good and effective SEO works the way you can get a lot of views, likes and consequently sales.

And you will get all these juicy results without ads campaign or some other marketing tricks. Well, Etsy algorithm requirees the next manipulation: people mostly visit the site with intention to find an exact item.

So, logically, they will enter their queries into a search bar. Then, the algorithm of Etsy shows results in a kind of a list. And here is the trick: the items are shown according to some criteria.

And if for example, keywords, tags or titles contain just word by word what people are looking for, this very listing will be on top of Etsy search. As well we need to remember and take into account that buyers rarely will go to the second or even farther pages.

Here is the conclusion – the more effective and winning keywords sellers use, the higher position they get. As this ranking is relevant to criteria how likely sellers’ keywords and buyers’ queries.

2. Practical recommendations

And here are practical recommendations for you to get the idea how to create the most desirable keywords for higher ranking of your items. And today I would like to focus on "Keywords" Tool by Seller-Way

And if you are really tired to think out more and more keywords to find the perfect combo for exactly your items and listing, I guess the best solution sounds like delegation of the mentioned process to a special tool.

The best selling items on Etsy

Shop Analysis Plus

You can read more info about how to use Keywords Tool here: How to use "Keywords" Tool

Also make sure to try other super useful tools from Seller-Way. You can find more info here: Seller-Way Tools

2. Etsy SEO Checklist!

And to make your Etsy SEO easily just grab this Etsy SEO Checklist I prepared for you. It's a short guide for optimizing your every listing. Enjoy!

The best selling items on Etsy

Have a great time selling on Etsy!


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