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Ashley Hernandez

After owning my Etsy Shop for 2 years without many sales, I decided to get Seller-Way paid Subscription. Tools were so helpful for me, as in a short time I was able to understand what I was doing wrong with my Etsy Shop and what I need to improve. I learned a lot from their SEO Tutorial and now I am so happy with my Etsy sales. I definitely recommend Seller-Way for those who struggle with sales and need to take their business to the next level. Thank you so much!!! ♥️

Carol Anderson

My shop has been opened since Feb 2020, I had some traffic but no sales. One person recommended me to try Seller-Way in a Facebook group, and I decided to get the Subscription. So, I learned about SEO Strategy from their Tutorial, fixed some tags, improved descriptions and in a while I started to see real results! First I got a free version, but now I can't leave without their paid tools that help me to be ahead of my competitors. I highly recommend Seller-Way, it's incredibly helpful!

Jessica Lee

I started my Etsy shop in 2019 selling jewelry. I made over 100 pieces of jewelry, list them on Etsy and started waiting. Sales didn't come. I saw other sellers were successful, selling similar jewelry and even at a higher price. I thought about giving up of my Etsy shop seriously. My friend recommended me to try Seller-Way, so I decided to sign up for it because I needed to save my shop from failure. I never heard about SEO before, so I started to learn. There were so many things I never even considered I was doing wrong!!! Today I have over 5000 sales but still use Seller-Way to maintain my level of success.

Emma Jackson

Due to Seller-Way I was able to increase the visibility of my products in Etsy Search and as a result - shoppers find my items more often and buy more from me! I review my tags every 30 days, so Keywords tool is my must-have! I keep using the paid version of Seller-Way from month to month: I constantly find working keywords for my new listings and adjust tags in existing listings. Also, I check Trends in my niche to know what people are looking for, so I can plan my sales in advance! I am proud to use Seller-Way and can recommend it to every wise Etsy seller! Good luck in your sales!! ♥️

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