Etsy is one of the leading platforms to express yourself. Even better, learn to market your good traits. That is precisely why it becomes such an inconvenience when your account is suspended. 

The reasons might be in abundance, but it all leads to one thing—a setback. So, why exactly did your account get suspended? What can you do about it? Etsy account suspended? Reinstate your account right away—here’s how. 

Temporary Suspension

The only silver lining with temporary suspensions is that it always has a window of redemption (for the most part). But before we get into it, you must be completely aware of why your account got suspended to begin with. While some of them are merely security measures, quite many others might be your own mess after all.

Firstly, if Etsy sees that your account has been accessed from another ISP. If the case is so, your account will be suspended. Be very mindful, as Etsy practices strictness when it comes to security. Second, if Etsy sees that you are running multiple shops without prior indication, that might lead to suspension. 

Third, if there are some third-party manufacturing issues, or any trademark infringements, you are in for some trouble. Of course, there are more serious reasons too. For instance, if you are associated with a banned account; or if you are selling items that are prohibited on Etsy, there is a good chance of no-return. 

No matter what the reason is, the temporary suspension still allows you to plead and get your account back and working. The process isn’t as inconvenient either. Here is what you must do if your account is suspended. 

What to do If You Get Suspended 

Despite the aforementioned reasons, a lot of times your account might just get suspended for reasons that are unclear. This would disable it from receiving orders, and would cancel any ongoing ones. Stagnation in business is clearly not welcome. 

Either way, getting back your account isn’t that big of a hassle—provided you know how to do it right. Here are a few ways to get your credentials back. 

Submit an Appeal 

In order to prevent your account from getting permanently suspended, you have to submit an appeal to Etsy. For this, go to this page. Sign into your Etsy account, and click on “reopen suspended account”.

You will now get an option to write an appeal to Etsy. Make sure to mention all the quintessential elements here—starting from your assessment regarding why your account got suspended to begin with. Then you must mention how you plan on ameliorating things.

Your fate will be decided by an Expert who reads your appeal. If the issue appears to be minimal, your account will undoubtedly be reinstated. But if the mistake you conducted was grave, as in the case of copyright infringement—your account might be permanently disabled. 


You can also choose to directly approach the Etsy representative on call. If you think you are more expressive over the phone, you should dial (844) 659-3879 or (888) 659-3879 and explain the matter. 

Here, you will have to provide a virtual tour of your store, and why you think it was suspended in the first place. Your calls will most likely be recorded as future evidence—be sure to be upfront and honest with your concerns. If you think you are in the wrong—it’s not too late to apologize. 


You will find various email IDs that you can reach out to on their website itself. Be sure to send a well-constructed message, wherein you are clear about any probable mistakes you might have made (more on them later). 

Moreover, be sure to check up with more than one email, in case you don’t get a valid or timely response. Ideally, Etsy is supposed to give you valid feedback regarding why or what caused them to take the said action, so you’ll get the news that is coming. 

How to Prevent Being Suspended

Now that you have reached out and expressed both grace and gratitude, it is important that you avoid making mistakes that put you in that pitfall to begin with. In order to be able to sell well on Etsy, avoid making any mistakes that might lead to the suspension of your account. What are those? Keep reading.

Watch Out for Trademark Infringement Words or Pictures

One of the classically-made mistakes on Etsy is the play with words or pictures. Trademark infringement is no joke—not in the industry, and especially not in Etsy territory. Even before you start selling any items, be sure to check for this. 

Moreover, if your pictures or descriptions aren’t original, there is a massive chance of account suspension. Be sure to add pictures that you have resourced or taken, and be absolutely sure of non-plagiarized content. 

Prevent Open Cases

Open cases are a sure-shot way of getting your account permanently removed. In order to avoid this abyss, be sure that your store isn’t dealing with any open cases at the time of suspension. 

Open cases arise from negative attributes such as improper descriptions, inaccurate shipping timings, unprofessional delivery metrics and so on. Etsy has also made it mandatory for you to mention your zip code and where you would be delivering it from. Be sure to follow these with utmost care. 

List Manufacturers

Withholding information regarding third-party manufacturers can lead to suspension of your store. Be sure to, most importantly, mention your other manufacturers. Once you enable your listing, you will have the option to use the options-toggle and under “who made it”, put the appropriate label. This would not only avoid such breaches, but also make it easier for you to organize and sort your listings. 

Third Party Automated Apps

Automated apps are used in order to track sales or perhaps check copyright infringements. This is a massive slippery slope, as Etsy’s algorithm can easily detect use of such automated apps. 

Make sure to steer clear of all this and avoid any third-party apps that directly integrate with your listings. Oftentimes, folks suggest using apps to check for copyright infringement—you won’t need it if you believe in keeping things clean and original. 

Selling Prohibited Items

While this is a given, Etsy has a low tolerance for this kind of mistake. Selling items that have alcohol in it, or ones which are hazardous or explosive can lead to easy suspension of your account. 

Moreover, if you are selling items that aren’t yours, or ones bought from third-parties for the sole purpose of profit here—these will be scrutinized. Etsy focuses on items that are created by the seller for the most part, so be sure to draw that line distinctly. 

Association with Banned Account

Etsy solely believes in the idea of bad apples spoiling other good ones. Having constant communication with a banned account, or being associated with it directly or indirectly can result in permanent suspension of your account. 

Be sure to stay away from any items or accounts that seem controversial or tend to hurt the sentiments of the demographic. Be careful when engaging with other brands or third-party manufacturers. A lot of times there isn’t any quality control done by them, which results in marring your own reputation.